Hinges! And batteries.

Today I finally got hinges on the first deck opening. Starbord cargo hold is now much easier to access. The hinges I had bought turned out to be sturdy enough at least for these, they might even be strong enough for the lids to the engine room.

For my own future reference, I think this is the hinges I bought from Bauhaus.

Mounted with 4.0 mm blind rivets that could be a few mm longer / stronger but hold for now.

Main battery bank

As for the batteries, I have ordered L-beams in 40x40x4 mm size to build rails for the new main battery bank of 16 6V 200 Ah batteries. These will be mounted in the cargo hold in a 4 x 4 matrix as close to center as possible, on either side of the rudder. 4 batteries will go on each rail, and they'll be connected in series across the rails. At least that's the current theory.

Most of the batteries have for this been moved into the main cabin to be pre-charged and not in the way when constructing their new home.

Finishing up connections and balancing will come later!