The propulsion of Idefix comes from a single diesel engine. In the future I wish for electric propulsion or at the very least a hybrid solution to avoid using fuel whenever I move.

Ford Lehman 2704 ET

Main (and only) engine of Idefix. A 6 cylinder turbo-loaded diesel engine from 1976. Displacement ~6 litres. Motor block built by Ford, marine converted by Lehman in the UK. 12V starter motor and generator. Drives a straight shaft connected to a Borg Warner Velvet Drive reverse gear.


Coolant temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is mounted on the top of the engine, near the coolant expansion tank. It's manufactured by VDO and of the type 323-805-001-005N. Marked 1188, 805/1/5, max 120C, 6-24V. It features two straight blade connectors as electrical interface. New catalog number: VDO 323 479.

The thread is NPTF 3/8-18. You need a fairly long 3/4" or 19 mm socket to reach it for mounting / disassembly. Mounting torque is 30 Nm.

Resistance shall be 287.4 - 22.7 Ohm over the temperature range (40 - 120C).

The sensor in Idefix is manufactured in Germany.

Borg Warner Velvet Drive

Reverse gear operated by wire from the main cabin. Gear ratio supposed to be 2.1:1 but I've never measured it. Works on same lubrication oil as the main engine.